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why is it that when dylan sprouse and calum hood had nudes leaked everyone praised how well they handled it and attacked those who leaked them, but when over 50 female celebrities have nudes leaked, the hacker responsible is called a ‘hero’ and the victims are called ‘sluts’ and ‘whores’

oh wait

i know why

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Shelley sharing her winnings on Wolf Watch.

You never loved me. You locked me up, wanted to keep me. That’s not love. That is possession. Why do something that can’t be undone, to avenge a love that was never real?

there’s a kid in stats on edmodo trying so hard to get out of doing homework omg


I thought this was going to be funny but it got really sad really fast

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Will Poulter, Dylan O’Brien and Kaya Scodelario on Good Day Philadelphia 

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#he looks like someone's uncle


I hate when a person says they’ve had a bad day and everyone, instead of trying to cheer them up, enters a competition of who’s had the shittest life

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#I watched this happen once and it caused a whole group to dissolve



South Africa:

Young ladies train in Ballet in Soweto through The Joburg Ballet Development Programme

Photos by Madelene Cronje.


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